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Can you buy property for $100?

Can you buy property for $100?

It is possible to buy land and property for $100 but there is normally a catch. It is probably going to be in the middle of nowhere with no water, mains gas or electricity. I saw some land advertised with a small stone build. It was really old and was more like a pile of stones. So why would someone consider buying it? The advantage of having your own land is you are more in control than if you were renting. People spend so much money on rent over the years it can easily be well into 5 figures.

Off grid living for cheap

So what can you do with land and a tumbled down stone house? If you are on a really low budget, its possible to camp on the land. Then try to build something for the longer term. Yurts can be very nice to live in and with self build ones being fairly cheap, it would give a way of moving up from a tent. There is always the option of buying a cheap trailer. Some second hand ones are very cheap. They can be done up over time. Putting in a shower is not too difficult for example.

Off grid electricity

If you are going to live off grid there are still things that are nice to have and many will use electricity. If you are miles from anywhere then the best thing would be to have a solar panel. They are a lot cheaper these days, so being able to supply enough for lighting and charging mobile phones and laptops is not too difficult. You can even run small electric fridges from batteries which are charged from solar panels.

Off grid Internet access

You can get a WiFi booster if you are not too far away from a WiFi point. Sometimes the internet that you can get with your mobile phone will be best. You can then use your mobile phone as an internet point. Another way is to get satellite internet.

Off grid Water supply

Its possible to have a bore hole drilled down to the water table to get water. It may not be possible in every area though which might be why a property is sometimes particularly cheap. The alternative here is to collect rain water. There are some ready made systems that you can buy to do this, or just make your own. There will be some health and safety issues though with rain water collected for drinking, so look into this carefully. The other way which will be best to start with is to buy large water bottles from a store.

The off grid lifestyle

Off grid living can be fun. I think the most appealing is you can invest in your own property rather than just giving rent money to someone else. With a decent solar power setup you can have enough electricity for all your needs and after the setup costs its basically free. For cooking, gas bottles or a wood burner would be two options. If you have a wood supply then that will save money as well.

Being rent free can be a great feeling. As a longer term project it would be nice if you could build a more permanent house, although some people live in larger yurts for many years. It can be so hard to get on the property ladder these days that any short cut is nice to consider. Its always best to plan and check as much as possible, in case the catch is too big. Some land might be cheap because there is pollution on it or another health hazard.




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