Buy a million dollar house for 10k

Buy a million dollar house for $10k

An income of $10k a month would usually pay a mortgage for a 1 million dollar house. So if you have a successful blog you could live the millionaire lifestyle. I think it is more realistic when running a blog to look at the most common income that is possible. So instead of focusing on trying to make money quickly. Have a plan. Find out what people are looking for. Good market research will always work for you. It helps to blog about something you are interested in and know something about.


There are many people promoting, “get rich quick schemes” but for most of us the way that is most likely to lead to a good income is a steadily growing business. It is usually not too difficult to make some money with a website or blog fairly soon after setting one up. It is rare for this to be anywhere near a full time income in the early stages though. The main problem is there are many factors that make a popular blog. The good news is you can get help. Fiverr is a great place to get blog designers and writers.


One of the most successful strategies I have seen with blogging, is to write one blog post a day . You could write it on paper and then type it up later if you are somewhere you can not use a laptop. Some people do an audio recording and use dragon dictate to turn it into a text file. It helps to add images and charts if appropriate. The important thing to remember when writing a blog post is for it to be interesting to your visitors. Some successful bloggers only write one or two blogs a week, but they are always very informative and well researched.

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