Ways to promote affiliate products

Ways to promote affiliate products


With affiliate products, you are selling another person’s product where you get a commission. This is the easiest way when you first start out. Later you can think of developing your own products.

To promote affiliate products there are several stages to go through. Picking just any product is unlikely to lead to many sales. You need to find good products that are selling well and fit the promotion method. Promoting on the internet favors media products like eBooks. If you were promoting garden sheds, many people would want to look at them in person, which would not be easy if you are working from a laptop. You also need to consider what are the best affiliate programs to join

These are my points that help find a very profitable affiliate product:


  • Are other affiliates selling this product?
  • Are they getting many sales?
  • How many customers are asking for a refund?
  • Are there many ways the product can be promoted?
  • What percent is the commission?
  • When is the commission paid?
  • Are there competing products to the one you might promote?
  • Has the product been selling for a long time?
  • Could there be any copyright issues with using product names when promoting?



I will go through each of these points to give you a guide of what I look for when choosing an affiliate product to promote. You may have some ideas of your own.


Are other affiliates selling this product?

If other affiliates are selling this product then it is probably a good product. They will have checked that it is a good product and that the product owner pays regularly. If there is a vast number of affiliates it might be best to avoid it as many interested potential customers would have been cookied to other affiliates meaning you might not get the commission even if the customer bought through your affiliate link.


Are they getting many sales?

Some product owners or the third-party sites that process affiliate sales, tell you basic statistics. If there are many affiliates, all getting sales with low rebill requests, that suggests a product you would probably make money on.


How many customers are asking for a refund?

I would always avoid a product with a high rebill rate. It is normal for any product to get refund requests. Some people even ask for a refund from products they have liked and used, to get the product for free. So even good products might have a 2% rebill from its customers. If a product has a 50% or higher rebill request rate than there must be something wrong. Most people will not be bothered to ask for a refund from a cheap product, so a high refund rate shows that many people are very unhappy with the product. Also, you do not want to spend money on advertising a product and then after getting the sale, to then loose the commission because of a rebill request. With a high rebill product you could start losing money quickly.


Are there many ways the product can be promoted?

Is the affiliate product you are considering easy to promote? For example, would people in a forum be interested? In fact are there forums where people would actually be interested in the product? If it’s a less common product, there might not be many places to find likeminded people. However, if you were promoting “how to learn the guitar” there would be many forums and Facebook groups that you could promote to. On the other hand, if you had a product about collecting meteor rocks, there might not be very many as it is a more specialised and less common subject.


What percent is the commission?

Commission for electronic products can be very high as there is no manufacturing cost. Common rates are 50% and 75% Sometimes you can find products with 100% commission. Now that might be strange but the reason the product owner is paying 100% commission is because they know that many customers who buy the product you are promoting, will buy another product from the product owner directly. For example, you sell a $20 eBook as an affiliate. The product owner gives you $20 commission. The product owner now has the contact details of the customer, usually name and email address. They then offer a more expensive product, perhaps $147 for a video course. The product owner gets all of that without having to spend out anything on advertising. Even if only 3% of the customers you refer buy the $147 video course, that is profit for the product owner. Just because the product owner is on a good deal here does not mean that its unfair or bad for you. Until you produce your own products this situation can work out great. If you spent $10 on advertising for every $20 commission and kept reinvesting your profit in more advertising, you could be making big money quickly and easily.


When is the commission paid?

It is normal for there to be a 30-day delay. This is usually in case a customer wants a refund, also called a rebill. If the product owner pays affiliates commission every month then it would be one to two months before you get paid. Some product owners pay weekly or every two weeks. This is better and worth considering. The most important thing though is that they are trustworthy and always pay genuine sales.


Are there competing products to the one you might promote?

It is worth checking to see if there are any other competing products that you should know about. Should you be promoting one of those even? Also, you can see where those products are being advertised. Someone who has bought a competing product might also buy the one you are promoting. Customers can buy several products about the same subject if they are interested enough, for example not many people have just one book on cooking. If they are interested enough to buy one cookery book, they almost always buy more


Has the product been selling for a long time?

This is good and bad. If it has been selling for a long time then it is most likely a good product. Bad products tend to disappear from the internet quickly. The downside is that many customers may have already signed up to other affiliate’s email addresses, so when you come to advertise it will be harder to find new customers. With commissions the affiliate who gets the lead first gets the commission even if you pay to promote to that same customer. For example, you pay for an advert that gets a customer to your sales page, they click on your affiliate link and buy the product. Unfortunately, as they had clicked on another affiliate’s affiliate link last week, you do not get the commission, the other affiliate does.


Could there be any copyright issues with using product names when promoting?

Some companies do not like you to use their brand name when promoting their products. For example; if you were promoting a product called “abcd” they may not want you to place an advert on google AdWords called “discount on abcd” and then link to your blog where you have a sales page. The reason is that people searching for “abcd” might think you are the product owner. Also, if the product owner who created “abcd” wanted to place google AdWords adverts, then they would be competing with all their affiliates such as you, who are using their brand name. Therefore, check whether any company you are being an affiliate for has any restrictions. It’s generally best not to use brand names. Some affiliates used to register brand names as domain names, for example abcd-review This may make the product creator look spammy if their name is used in many variations around the internet.

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What is the best subject to blog about?

What is the best subject to blog about?


So, you want a blog, but what do you blog about? It is easier to blog about certain subjects, usually the ones you know more about, or at least interest you. Most people want to make money from their blog so sometimes their favorite subject would not be the best one to make money from. Some subjects are just easier to make money with. The first thing you need to think of, is can your blog sell a product? Also, are there many advertisers who would like to advertise on your blog? This could be Google AdSense. For example, a blog about weight loss will have many opportunities to sell products even as an affiliate but also advertisers that would be displayed in a google ad block. Click through rates can be decent. I have seen weight loss blog posts get $2 to $3 a click with google AdSense. The payout is never guaranteed but popular subjects with many advertisers almost always pay you more.


Niche selection


A subject like weight loss can pay you very well but there is a lot more competition. The solution to this is to focus on a small part of the larger subject. For example, instead of a broad subject like weight loss, you could blog about green tea for weight loss. Another way is to blog about organic products that help weight loss. These would have less competition than the broad subject of weight loss in general. Also, if someone is searching on google for how to lose weight with green tea, then it sounds like they are more serious about it and might buy one of your products about it.



Example sub niche blog


  1. Niche – Weight loss
  2. Sub niche – Teas for weight loss
  3. Blog post example – Green tea for weight loss


So for this sub niche of weight loss you could have a blog about teas for weight loss. Then have articles or blog posts about different types of tea.


Blog title – Teas from around the world for weight loss


Blog posts:

  • Does tea help weight loss?
  • How effective is green tea?
  • How effective is oolong tea?
  • Look at the results of this study about the effects of tea on weight loss.


Gallery pictures:

Pictures of the different teas

Pictures of the location where they are grown

Pictures of how the plants are processed into the final product


How can you make money from this example tea blog?


Google AdSense – tea companies can advertise in the google ad block and you get paid per click.

Sell an eBook about different teas and their suppliers.

Sell teas mail order and get a commission.

Sell a book about weight loss involving tea and get an affiliate commission.

Sell a healthy lifestyle book.

Promote a health farm which helps people lose weight and collect an introduction fee.


You can see how breaking down a niche into a sub niche can help with planning a blog. With a broad subject like weight loss you could have a hundred sections as it’s such a big subject. You want a blog to be manageable but also have one that can rank in the search engines. It’s possible to design a big website about a broad subject like weight loss but it would take a lot of time and money to be successful with it. You can always do another blog about a different sub niche later if you want.


Why not start your own blog and put these ideas into practice? Its great fun. I love waking up in the morning and seeing how many people have visited my blog. You can even get alerts to our mobile when you have made a sale. Imagine your mobile beeping and telling you, that you have just made $50!

Now imagine that beeping happening every few minutes!


To start your blog read my guide here – How to start a blog

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How much money can I make with a blog?

How much money can I make with a blog?

The best way I have found to calculate approximately how much money you can make with a blog, is to look at conversion rates. There are typical conversion rates in the marketing industry for the different types of promotion. It’s basically a numbers game!

An important aspect of marketing and especially conversion rates is relevance. If your blog provides useful information about a subject that your visitors are interested in, then they are likely to be repeat visitors to your blog, sign up to your email list and probably buy the products you are promoting. This is why it is best to research what people are interested in and also the subjects that are easier to promote. Then you can focus your blog on what visitors want to read and want to buy.
If someone is looking for a battery powered car tire inflator and your blog talks about different models and people’s experience with them and then you show them an advert for a highly rated one, there is a better chance that they will buy a foot pump through your affiliate link than if you suddenly tried to sell them a book on gardening!

Google AdSense:
With google AdSense it is common to get a 5% conversion rate. Which means for every 100 visitors, 5 should click on an advert in the google AdSense ad block. By dividing 100 visitors by 5 clicks, you get one click per 20 visitors on average. If the payment to you per click is $2 then you can work out the conversion rate per visitor. In this case $2 divided by 20 visitors equals 10 cents per visitor on average. Therefore, if you have 2000 visitors per day to your blog, you should be averaging $200 per day with google AdSense.
It is possible to get a higher AdSense click than 5%. I have found a very relevant blog post gets more like 15% but the advantage of working with the industry average of 5% is that if this makes your blog profitable, anything else is a bonus.

Selling a product:
This can be your own product or someone else’s product where you get an affiliate commission.
If subject of your blog is relevant to the product, or at least to the blog post the product advert is about, the conversion rate is typically 0.5%. This means you need 200 visitors to view that advert to average one sale. If that sale pays you $50, then $50 divided by 200 visitors equals an average income per visitor of 50 cents.
If you have 2000 visitors per day then the average sales per day would be 2000 visitors divided by 200 equals 10 sales per day. If the commission is $50 per sale then that would be $500 per day.
An important point here though is if your entire blog gets 2000 visitors a day then unless the product advert is relevant to your whole blog then you might only have a fraction of those visitors considering purchasing. For example, maybe only 500 of those 2000 have seriously considered that product advert, so now you might only make $125 per day.
This is why selecting the right adverts for your blog is so important. If you have a product that everyone would be interested in, it stands to reason that it would have greater potential.

Email marketing:
If you have an email list and you send an email to the people on your list and that email is relevant to what they are interested in, then the conversion rate is typically 3%. If you have a good relationship with a proven track record where everything you sell through your email list gets great feedback, then the conversion rate is typically 7%.
Therefore, if you have an email list of a 100 people that are interested in what you are promoting, then you should get 3 sales every time you send out an email promoting a product you are selling. If this is a product that pays you $50 commission then that is $150 per 100 subscribers on your email list.
This is why email lists are so important and why people want to grow their lists. If an email list of only 100 brings you $150 every time you send out a promotion, imagine how much more a bigger email list will make you. It’s not difficult to have an email list of 10,000 subscribers.
This would make on average, with a 3% conversion rate per promotion of 10000 divide by 3% equals 333 sales on average.

333x $50 commission makes you $16,650 every time you send out a promotion with a $50 commission. Now of course if you send out too many promotions, your subscribers might stop opening your emails. It’s important to keep your subscribers happy. The best way is to send occasional emails with a promotion but other times to send out useful informative emails so they will be opening your emails every time you send one.
The correct way to do email marketing is in my email marketing guide. Coming soon

Check out my guide on how to start a blog on bluehost — click here

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Buy a million dollar house for 10k

Buy a million dollar house for $10k

An income of $10k a month would usually pay a mortgage for a 1 million dollar house. So if you have a successful blog you could live the millionaire lifestyle. I think it is more realistic when running a blog to look at the most common income that is possible. So instead of focusing on trying to make money quickly. Have a plan. Find out what people are looking for. Good market research will always work for you. It helps to blog about something you are interested in and know something about.


There are many people promoting, “get rich quick schemes” but for most of us the way that is most likely to lead to a good income is a steadily growing business. It is usually not too difficult to make some money with a website or blog fairly soon after setting one up. It is rare for this to be anywhere near a full time income in the early stages though. The main problem is there are many factors that make a popular blog. The good news is you can get help. Fiverr is a great place to get blog designers and writers.


One of the most successful strategies I have seen with blogging, is to write one blog post a day . You could write it on paper and then type it up later if you are somewhere you can not use a laptop. Some people do an audio recording and use dragon dictate to turn it into a text file. It helps to add images and charts if appropriate. The important thing to remember when writing a blog post is for it to be interesting to your visitors. Some successful bloggers only write one or two blogs a week, but they are always very informative and well researched.

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