How to start a blog

A complete beginner’s guide to blogging

Do you want to know How to start your own blog or How to start a blog on bluehost or How to make money from a blog.

Yesterday my friend Anna came to hang out with me for a few hours. “What you need” she said, “is a guide for people who love the idea of blogging, but are worried to start because they don’t understand what you have to do”. I respect this woman who has been very successful in business over the years. So I said to her “OK let’s do it!” I will tell you in simple language what it all means.
So here goes! –

• What is a blog vs a website?
• What is hosting?
• What is a domain name?
• What is WordPress?

A blog is like a diary which you share with people on the internet. Your visitors can leave comments and you can answer questions. You can build a real community! You can make friends all over the World with the same interests. And what is cool, is that you can have a blog about anything you want. It can be hobby related, job related, you can choose!

A website is usually less personal. For example a bank, a school, a service company, like getting your carpets cleaned can have a website but you would generally need to make contact with someone in person for their services.

Hosting is the place your blog lives. It’s a bit like the land a house is on. When you are starting out a hosting company like Bluehost is a great place to build your blog on.

Domain name
A domain name is the name of your blog. The name of my blog, is my blogging lifestyle so therefore the domain name of my blog is The end word “.com” is the most common ending for a domain, it’s the one people think of first so when you decide on the name of your blog, its best to have a .com if you can.

There are others such as .org and .net but when you tell someone what your website name is, you will have to also make sure they add the .org or .net at the end.

This is something that organises and presents everything on your blog. It’s called a content management system (SMS). After you buy hosting from Bluehost you install WordPress to organise everything on your blog. The great thing about WordPress is it’s easy to use and free! You can have a basic layout or have a custom design. It also helps you to display your adverts so you get paid. If you don’t have your own products to sell, you can sell someone else’s products for a big commission. How cool is that!

I will show you from the beginning what you need to do, and take you through all the simple steps. So let’s go!!
1. Think of a name for your blog.
2. Buy Bluehost hosting to put your blog on
3. Install WordPress.

If you start your own blog now you can get a special price if you click my link HERE. Also by clicking my link and buy the yearly plan, you get the domain name for free, and it’s all set up for you! Just install WordPress following my guide and you are all good to go.






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