What is the best subject to blog about?

What is the best subject to blog about?


So, you want a blog, but what do you blog about? It is easier to blog about certain subjects, usually the ones you know more about, or at least interest you. Most people want to make money from their blog so sometimes their favorite subject would not be the best one to make money from. Some subjects are just easier to make money with. The first thing you need to think of, is can your blog sell a product? Also, are there many advertisers who would like to advertise on your blog? This could be Google AdSense. For example, a blog about weight loss will have many opportunities to sell products even as an affiliate but also advertisers that would be displayed in a google ad block. Click through rates can be decent. I have seen weight loss blog posts get $2 to $3 a click with google AdSense. The payout is never guaranteed but popular subjects with many advertisers almost always pay you more.


Niche selection


A subject like weight loss can pay you very well but there is a lot more competition. The solution to this is to focus on a small part of the larger subject. For example, instead of a broad subject like weight loss, you could blog about green tea for weight loss. Another way is to blog about organic products that help weight loss. These would have less competition than the broad subject of weight loss in general. Also, if someone is searching on google for how to lose weight with green tea, then it sounds like they are more serious about it and might buy one of your products about it.



Example sub niche blog


  1. Niche – Weight loss
  2. Sub niche – Teas for weight loss
  3. Blog post example – Green tea for weight loss


So for this sub niche of weight loss you could have a blog about teas for weight loss. Then have articles or blog posts about different types of tea.


Blog title – Teas from around the world for weight loss


Blog posts:

  • Does tea help weight loss?
  • How effective is green tea?
  • How effective is oolong tea?
  • Look at the results of this study about the effects of tea on weight loss.


Gallery pictures:

Pictures of the different teas

Pictures of the location where they are grown

Pictures of how the plants are processed into the final product


How can you make money from this example tea blog?


Google AdSense – tea companies can advertise in the google ad block and you get paid per click.

Sell an eBook about different teas and their suppliers.

Sell teas mail order and get a commission.

Sell a book about weight loss involving tea and get an affiliate commission.

Sell a healthy lifestyle book.

Promote a health farm which helps people lose weight and collect an introduction fee.


You can see how breaking down a niche into a sub niche can help with planning a blog. With a broad subject like weight loss you could have a hundred sections as it’s such a big subject. You want a blog to be manageable but also have one that can rank in the search engines. It’s possible to design a big website about a broad subject like weight loss but it would take a lot of time and money to be successful with it. You can always do another blog about a different sub niche later if you want.


Why not start your own blog and put these ideas into practice? Its great fun. I love waking up in the morning and seeing how many people have visited my blog. You can even get alerts to our mobile when you have made a sale. Imagine your mobile beeping and telling you, that you have just made $50!

Now imagine that beeping happening every few minutes!


To start your blog read my guide here – How to start a blog

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